Fyrstu Prometheus dómarnir lofa góðu!

Aðeins fáeinir dagar í nýjustu stórmynd Ridleys Scott sem tengir sig beint við rúmlega 30 ára gamalt meistaraverk úr hans smiðju. Prometheus er – okkur öllum til mikillar ánægju – byrjuð að fá jákvætt umtal, og sumir dómarnir gera biðina ekkert auðveldari. Þegar þessi texti er skrifaður er myndin með 82% á vefsíðunni Rotten Tomatoes. Og vonum innilega að sú tala fari ekki lækkandi.

Hér sjáið þið brot af því sem netgagnrýnendur og bíóbloggarar hafa verið að segja (tekið af RT og Slashfilm.com)


„Prometheus is a great ride – best taken without too much foreknowledge, by the way.“ – This is London

„The best film of the summer so far.“ – Movie City News

„Not only does Prometheus herald the rebirth of Alien, it breaths life back into intelligent sci-fi.“ – Sun Online

„Should thrill, challenge and provoke audiences ready for [Scott’s] signature brand of intelligent and visceral film-making.“ – Screen International

„It’s something to gorge on hungrily all the same: majestic to look at in every way, and wild enough that many of the opening-night crowd — this viewer included — will be right back for seconds.“ – Daily Telegraph

„Not only is it thrilling, but it leaves you asking questions. The 3D looked great, and the film is visually stunning. Sadly, every trailer/tv spot gives away the story’s biggest „twist“, but I think the movie is enjoyable regardless. Michael Fassbender is amazing, stealing every scene he’s in.“ – Slashfilm

„Prometheus is just perfect in terms of image design, this means that the sense of framing, the esthetic, what the meaning of everything shown on the screen. Ridley Scott is a genius in this field, and it is the top of his game on this film.“ – Sci-Fi Universe

„…with his fantasy epic Prometheus it is clear his striking sense of vision, drama and excitement fits perfectly with the genre and he has delivered a film that is already one of the most anticipated titles of the summer and should thrill, challenge and provoke audiences ready for his signature brand of intelligent and visceral film-making. … One thing that Prometheus isn’t is an Alien-clone. Alien – despite that it may feel slowly-paced set against current editing styles – was a film that embraced its horror-in-space format, and after a slow-burn set up and magnificent central gore moment as the mini-alien bursts from John Hurt’s chest settled into a brilliantly shot monster movie before Sigourney Weaver’s final memorable battle. While Prometheus has some striking chilling moments it never plays the all-out horror card, instead developing the science alongside the action and punctuating the film with moments that jolt and amaze. … It is Michael Fassbender, though, who perhaps has the most fun in Prometheus.“ – Screen Daily

Svo eru einhverjir aðrir dómar líka (t.d. frá Empire), en Alien-nördinn í okkur vill helst bara láta eins og þeir séu ekki alvöru 😉

Prometheus lendir annars þann 6. júní.